And so it begins…

So I’m sitting at work and I figure, almost a year and a half into my engagement, and another year and 4 months to go, that I might as well start this blogging thing.  Perhaps it will make this “planning” all the more real…because believe it or not, I’m actually getting married.  Wtf.  It hasn’t sunk in yet really, so maybe this will help point me in the right direction.

So I’ve had a year and a half so far of so-called “planning time”.  In most people’s worlds, I should have my wedding pretty much mapped out…yeah not so much.  In all actuality I have booked a photographer and…well that’s pretty much it.

Back when the wedding was October 18, 2008 I had a couple other things planned…ok so I had a mere two other things planned that were really of no importance, hence why the wedding is now in 2009.  Oh well, another year to actually plan I suppose…no more school getting in the way.  So we can pretend that this past year meant…well, nothing in terms of engagement.  Ha.

Note to self- Get ahold of those few vendors I’ve already booked and tell them it is now for the next year.


~ by kazzamwedding on June 26, 2008.

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