THE dress.

So my wonderful bridesmaid and I have decided to take a trip to New York City and brave the chaos that is the Running of the Brides. Google it. You’ll see we are insane.

Before we embark on this life altering event, we are going to the upscale and posh Kleinfeld Bridal, where the dream dress is located. The dream dress has no price on the website, only the dreaded dollar signs of doom, and the $$$ next to its picture signify that it is priced anywhere from $5,001 on up. So the dream dress will not happen, but a picture of me in the dream dress will. And we will come up with a nice elaborate story about why we are not purchasing it and dress like we look like we should be allowed into the store. It will be marvelous.

They do not allow pictures at Kleinfeld, but we will somehow manage one in the dress. It is THE dress, after all. Granted, it will not be on my body on my wedding day and I will not have the amazing pictures I have dreamt about of me in it, but it is THE dress.

And then we will have mounds and mounds of unforgettable fun and bruises from the Running of the Brides, and I will hopefully walk away conscious, breathing, with useable video footage and holding the second dress of my dreams. That will only cost me a mere $249, $499 or $699. Granted we will be brain dead after surviving in the back of an SUV in a parking lot in Baltimore all night long (no hotel for us!) with various random foods and Red Bulls from the 24 hour Wal-Mart. But I shall emerge with a dress. And hopefully a still conscious and intact bridesmaid. And life-partner. Haha. (We WILL fool the rental car facilities with our fake marriage! Damn extra driver fees!)

This is the dress. See how wonderful and jaw-droppingly amazing it is? Think of the pictures that can emerge from wearing this dress. The dress alone will take away from any flaws that my overly flawed body has. It is everything I have ever dreamed or imaged in a wedding dress. If only it wasn’t hand made in Israel. And sold exclusively at a small store in New York City. And didn’t have a price tag of $5,001 and up. Sigh.


~ by kazzamwedding on June 26, 2008.

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