So exhausted.

So today Amelia and I had the privilage of doing photograhy for Nora & Jeremy.  They were a super cute and fun couple and the day was filled with alot of interesting things…including a tornado warning.

Yes, I said it.  Tornado warning.

That was exciting.  We actually took the bridal party outside about 5 minutes before the storm hit full force, and after the couple had their first meeting, we took some quick pics before the winds started hitting and then we all ran at top speed for cover.  The doors closed and it started pouring.  There was a tree uprooted in front of the church, and power is still out all over the city.

But aside from that, the wedding went really well.  The ceremony was beautiful (I don’t think I’m ever going to not cry at a wedding we work) and the reception was at this awesome kick-ass building with to die for windows.  And we won’t even go into the love I have for the groom’s mother’s cheesecake.  Mmmmm.

After that I went and helped Amelia move her computer…the things I do for my life-partner.  Haha.  Her power was out at her apartment, but we managed.  And now I am so tired but my leg is in alot of pain for some reason and it wont let me sleep.  Ughhh.  I’m not quite sure why except maybe it’s tired.  Maybe I will sleep until I have to go to work tomorrow.  That sounds nice.

I’m so excited for my wedding now.  Every time we work a wedding I get more excited, knowing that I get to plan MY day like that.  And seeing other people’s big day gives me different ideas on how I want things to go and different things that work and dont work.  It’s nice.  But always after going to a wedding here I get more excited.

So I had to go up to UNO today and get measured for my cap and gown.  It was embarrassing, ha, the lady was asking what my degree would be in and I honestly couldn’t tell her.  How bad is that?!  But I now have my cap and gown ordered and my mom even insisted on some blank announcements so I can print on them and mail them to everything so they can come and sit at the Civic for 3 plus hours and listen to them call off names.  Wooot.  Haha, I really am excited though, it made it seem even more real, like I really AM graduating!!!  Too bad I can’t just skip these next 5 weeks so I wouldn’t have to go to class.

Mmmm sleep.  Maybe I will just pop a couple Advil and it will cease the pain in my leg for a bit so I can fall asleep.


~ by kazzamwedding on June 28, 2008.

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