and it’s july…

So today was one of those days that I just seriously feel like I accomplished nothing, even though I did.

I spent last night editing and actually fell asleep with my computer next to me.  I figured when I woke up that I would just go ahead and finish up for a couple hours, and then I’d get ready and get on with my day.  Well, I accomplished the waking up part, and I finished the video I was working on…but by that time it was 5:55 and time for me to leave for my dance class.  So that left no time for food (I had neglected to eat all day as well) or a shower, which are both necessities for a pole dancing class.  So I pretty much felt disgusting during a class geared towards feeling amazing about your body, and all I ended up doing was getting dizzy and slightly buzzed from the alcohol Amelia gave me, since that was the only thing that had made its way into my body all day.

Now I am tired.  But since I have been staying up so late lately I have messed up my sleep schedule and now can’t sleep.  Blah.

So I start my last two classes tomorrow.  Oh how happy I will be when I no longer have to worry about school and everything.  It seems so unreal though, being this close to being done.  I really hope these classes don’t take too much out of me.  Ughh.  I just keep telling myself that they are only 5 weeks long, so either they will be ridiculously easy, or ridiculously hard.  Lets hope its the first one.

I can’t wait until our trip!  I am looking so forward to it.  I just hope that I dont get royally screwed in these classes.  That would severely suck.  Hmm…might want to tell Dr. Allen tomorrow that I’ll be missing two classes.  Ha.

I’ve been looking up many different styles of shoes for the wedding.  So far none of them have satisfied my overly picky taste.  Guh.  I want something different, not the traditional white shoes for the wedding.  So many of the shoes look the same.  I haven’t decided yet, I might want a bolder color.  Maybe a hot pink?  That might be fun.  No one would really see them, since they would be under the dress, but they would make for a cute picture.  I saw someone who dyed their underskirt slip thingy pink too.  THAT would be awesome!  Maybe that will happen too…


~ by kazzamwedding on July 1, 2008.

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