new york, new york!

Ahhh. So I had my awe inspiring moment today.

Amelia and I left at an ungodly hour for New York City. Adam, oh how I love him, drove us. AT like 4 in the morning. Granted he wasn’t really coherent and didn’t really understand, but he did it. And then Amelia and I were on a plane to the big Apple.

We got into the city on the subway, so my awe inspiring moment didn’t actually come until I had been in the city for a bit. When we finally emerged from the underground on the escalator, I have to say I got that feeling that the characters in the movies get. That “Holy Shit I’m In New York City” expression. Yes, it really was that…big. So big.

We got to this uber cute hotel after walking for endless miles and finally got to sit down. I was so tired, but also so EXCITED, because we had a YANKEES GAME in not very long. Yes, the highlight of my trip was going to be the day we arrived!

Tilt your head, but this was our Pod!

So we slept for a bit and then headed off to the Bronx…you cannot imagine the multitude of people that attend these game. We had to wait for almost 3 subways to pass us before we could even squeeze onto one since they were all full of people dressed in blue and white. It was def. amazing.

And the stadium. Holy wow. It really was incredible. Even Amelia gave it the “Yeah, this is pretty flipping amazing”. And that should tell you something, since she hates baseball.

I hate history. Always have, always will. However, being here in Yankee Stadium really was an amazing thing. To think that all of the greats, all of the legends of baseball have played in this stadium was really overwhelming. Babe Ruth played here. Babe Ruth. I mean come on! He walked in that stadium. He held a locker in that stadium! The Ruth era was BORN there and baseball was forever changed. And at the end of this season, they are tearing this monument down. It’s wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Yankees. I’m a Boston fan, it is sort of implied. But I rooted for the Yanks. Never again will claps and cheers for Derek Jeter escape my mouth (unless, of course, he joins the great ranks of the Red Sox), but I was in Yankee Stadium. With 53,089 other people. The atmosphere was overwhelming. It was packed. And it was against the Devil Rays. Where else in this country would a Devil Rays game sell out?! Not even in Tampa, that’s for sure.

But it was insane. The crowd, the city, the game, it was just great. And something I never thought I would get to experience. I almost cried when I saw the field. It really was that impressive. And to top it off, it was a good game. The Yanks won 5-0 and we got to see some amazing plays and a home run. Seeing the stadium at night was something I will always remember. It truly was incredible. And it was worth the entire money spent on the trip to see that game.

The one thing that really saddened me was the fact that the brand new stadium is right next door. You can see it and it’s pretty much in the parking lot of the original. It has the same name, and the sad thing is that it looks IDENTICAL to the old one. Usually when a new stadium is built it is totally transformed into this new, modern monument. But this was an exact replica. With the same name. A few feet away from the original. To me, the money it cost to rebuild that stadium should have went to restoring the old one, if they weren’t planning on building an exact replica. It would have made alot of fans happy. So that depressed me, since the aura of the original was just so powerful and so magnificent, I have a hard time imagining an exact replica will give off that same awe inspiring impression.

After all, the Babe didn’t play in the new stadium.

But it was an incredible day. And I think Amelia had fun. We were up high in the cheap seats (that still cost us $35 plus all the fees because the game was sold out) and she almost fell asleep a few times, but she said the crowd was an experience she would never forget.

Tomorrow we go exploring. And I get to see Times Square. And all of the other greatness that is NYC. Although this, this experience of seeing Yankee Stadium in all its original glory and actually seeing where baseball was, pretty much, created, is something that will be damn hard to top.


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