the nyc experience

Today I got to experience all that is New York City in one magical day. I have to confess, it was pretty awesome. Although I also have to confess, it was pretty much exactly what I imagined, which was slightly depressing.

In any case, today involved a lot of walking and subway riding. We went to Times Square which was just as busy as it is on TV. We attempted to get a Broadway show ticket, but found out that the Matinees are only available on Wednesdays and we weren’t there in enough time to get student rush tickets. So rather than pay $100 plus on a ticket, we gave in to this pushy little man on the street who was selling tickets to the NY Stand Up Comedy Club for some “Last Comic Standing” taping for Comedy Central. We only paid $5 for the two tickets, and in the end I think we really paid the money to make him stop talking, but we were going to go out to the bars that night anyway so figured this was a safe bet, no cover, and would maybe give us a few laughs. I’ll get to that experience later.

After a long walk about Times Square we took the subway to the ferry at Stanton Island. That was pretty cool, it was a free ferry that took us up by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island without the cost of actually going to the island. All I wanted to do was see it, and I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous amount to stand on the crowded island in front of the Statue.

Anyway, that was fun. Then we went to the World Trade Center site, which is being rebuilt into a memorial park with pools and dedicated walkways where the towers once stood. Although there wasn’t a memorial or anything built up there and you really couldn’t tell what had happened there unless you actually read what they were building, it was still eerie. I don’t know, to just look at how close all of the buildings down there are together and then to look up and see this large gaping hole is just kind of like, wow. I was attempting to take a picture of the magnitude of the emptiness, but it just isn’t appreciated on a camera.

After this we headed back to our Pod and got ready for our night out. We made it, late, to the comedy club which is, I guess, the same one that is used in the opening of Seinfeld.

Whatever. We got in, and were disappointed to find that there was NOT any cameras or video crews taping anything. And I was disappointed by the first couple acts. They weren’t very funny, and the guy who sold us tickets had told us we would have our own table, etc, and we were shoved on the end of a long table with probably 12 other people. Oh well. The night did get better, and the last two acts were hilarious. And the drinks were good. And afterwards we went to the bathroom and low and behold, there is a multi-colored condom dispenser outside the door. Complete with multi-colored condoms that say New York City on them. We were a bit funny from the drinks, and this was quite hilarious to us, so we took turn taking each others pictures while we dispensed said free condoms. Now we had shiny, multi-colored souvenirs. Ha.

We decided to forgo the subway and walk the long way back to our hotel to see the city at night (a bad idea later, this is where the overtaking blister occurred). It was really pretty and when we arrived in Times Square it was just as impressive as in the day. It was closing in on midnight and shops were still open and in full swing. The lights were pretty amazing and I found a really awesome painting type thing of Yankee Stadium for my grandma from an artist on the street. It was his last day selling so all the prints were a mere $3, which included the matte.

Now we are overly exhausted. Tomorrow is the big day though, where I get to see the dress. Yes, I made the appointment at Kleinfeld’s Bridal and we are going in there with a *cough* unlimited budget, and we have to concoct a story as to why we aren’t buying that day, since after watching “Say Yes to the Dress” we’ve come to realize that the girls there really hate you if you are just coming in to look. No cameras are allowed, but SOMEHOW, a picture will come. Yes. We will have to be sneaky, but somehow…


~ by kazzamwedding on July 9, 2008.

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